25 May 2024
'Real estate is difficult to reduce prices because of Covid-19' 11

'Real estate is difficult to reduce prices because of Covid-19' 11

When the epidemic lasts long, no one is in a hurry to sell or buy because they are still listening to the market. Supply is low so prices will be high.

Assessing the domestic real estate market after two Covid-19 outbreaks, reader Minh commented:

`Those who don’t have the ability, or don’t have the need, won’t feel it. Only those who have money and want to buy a house are the ones who know if there is a real estate crisis? Real estate prices are not increasing as much as other times.`

During the first epidemic, I also looked to buy a house in the inner city but so far I have not been able to buy one.

Sharing the same opinion, reader Cherry Bui believes that the slight decrease in real estate prices is only short-term:

`If real estate declines, it is only in the short term. In the long term, this is still a profitable investment channel. If I have idle money, I still consider real estate a safe and profitable investment channel. But the

>> ‘Covid-19 flattens the road to rising real estate prices’

Citing evidence from his own actual experience of finding a house, reader Luu Duc Tho affirmed:

`I see real estate prices still increasing. Because when the epidemic lasts for a long time, everyone does not want to sell or rush to buy because they are still listening to the market and the epidemic situation. That’s why the amount of goods sold is low.

Meanwhile, explaining the reason why real estate prices have not decreased much, reader Lam Tung said:

`Home buyers want to reduce prices, investors also do not want to sell at high prices, investors’ profits must be reasonable and competitive because the market has many products from many companies. Prices do not decrease for many reasons. From

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