27 May 2024
4 super weapons on Russia's future battlefield 0

4 super weapons on Russia's future battlefield 0

The Russian army is developing a series of new generation weapons, based on scientific achievements in the 21st century.

4 super weapons for Russia’s future battlefields

Russia’s jamming system can cover all of Europe.

To prepare for future wars, Russia is developing super weapons based on new scientific achievements, according to RBTH.

Electronic radio weapons

Radio-electronic weapons use high-energy beams to paralyze enemy electronic equipment such as radar, unmanned aircraft (UAV) control systems, and precision-guided munitions.

Many electronic warfare systems are expected to be integrated into Russia’s 6th generation fighters, but they will mainly appear in infantry forces to destroy UAVs.

Electromagnetic cannon

This is considered a powerful weapon in future wars.

Electromagnetic cannons are still in development, with the main goal being to create high-power generators with compact sizes, because this type of weapon requires a huge amount of energy to operate effectively.

Laser weapons

Current military laser technology is mainly used for positioning, target designation and fire guidance for smart weapons.

4 super weapons on Russia's future battlefield

An A-60 was used by Russia to test the 1LK222 complex.

The laser weapon prototype was tested by Moscow on a Beriev A-60 aircraft.

In 2009, Russia began re-researching laser weapons for A-60 aircraft, to perfect the design of the 1LK222 Sokol Eshelon complex.

Sound weapons

This weapon creates a loud sound to cause the opponent to panic, even destroying internal organs, leading to death.

In addition, scientists still have a headache with creating directional beams of sound waves to target.

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