19 May 2024
6 common complications of kidney failure 4

6 common complications of kidney failure 4

Anemia, susceptibility to heart disease, osteoporosis, excess potassium and phosphate, fluid retention, mental breakdown... are common complications of kidney failure.

Dr. Vu Le Chuyen, Center Director of the Urology – Nephrology Center, Tam Anh General Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, said kidney failure is a condition in which the kidneys lose function and are no longer able to filter waste from the body.

Dialysis helps reduce pressure on the kidneys, however, it cannot completely replace kidney function.


Anemia can occur in many people, but the condition is more common in people with chronic kidney disease.

Kidney failure can lead to many dangerous complications.

Heart disease

Cardiovascular and kidney diseases are closely related.

When the kidneys do not function well, the hormone system that regulates blood pressure has to work harder to increase blood supply to the kidneys.

Bone disease and hyperphosphatemia

Calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus help keep bones strong.


Potassium exists mainly in food and helps muscles function, including muscles that control heart rate and breathing.

Hyperkalemia can cause a heart attack or lead to death.

6 common complications of kidney failure

Dialysis patient due to kidney failure at Tam Anh General Hospital.

Water accumulation

Healthy kidneys will remove excess fluid in the blood, avoiding the risk of accumulation, leading to heart and lung problems, high blood pressure… Symptoms of this condition are rapid heartbeat and swollen feet.

Mental influence

According to doctor Chuyen, kidney failure not only negatively impacts physical health but also puts pressure on mental health.

Doctors advise patients to stay calm, keep a comfortable mind, and strictly follow treatment instructions.

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