27 May 2024
He is vague about the leader to replace Prime Minister Johnson 0

He is vague about the leader to replace Prime Minister Johnson 0

Hours after the Prime Minister's Office announced Johnson was still leading from his hospital bed, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was asked to take over `where necessary`.

Chairing a press conference at the British Prime Minister’s Office at 10 Downing Street on the afternoon of April 6 after Prime Minister Borris Johnson, 55 years old, entered the intensive care room due to nCoV infection, Mr. Raab pledged to the people that the ministries would

`The work of government will continue and the Prime Minister is being kept safe with the excellent team at St Thomas’ Hospital. The government’s focus remains on ensuring the Prime Minister’s directions, all plans are in place

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab left Downing Street on April 6.

Mr Raab, who is also First Minister, was previously tasked with chairing the UK cabinet’s daily meeting on the response to the pandemic.

While Johnson remains conscious, it is unclear whether his greatest powers, such as national security matters, have been handed over to Raab.

Britain’s alternative leadership chain contrasts with the US, where this is enshrined in the constitution.

Even before Johnson was admitted to hospital, the ambiguity had sparked reports of infighting among ministers, with allies of Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove claiming he was the

As Covid-19 escalated, Downing Street anticipated potential trouble and began drawing up plans for a `designated successor`, with Mr Raab nominated in the top spot.

The British Prime Minister is infected with nCoV

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he was infected with nCoV on Twitter on March 27.

However, until last night, Raab’s powers remained uncertain.

According to Ms. Haddon, these include powers over Britain’s national security apparatus, such as controlling nuclear deterrence.

`Unlike in the US, where they have to carry the nuclear codes, Britain just needs to ensure there is a chain of leadership if the prime minister is not present at the time,` she said.

Haddon also pointed out that oversight by British intelligence agencies could become a shared responsibility of ministers.

`MI5 reports to the Home Secretary, MI6 and GCHQ report to the Foreign Secretary, so there are still many lines of communication,` she said.

Anh Ngoc (According to Telegraph)

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