19 May 2024
Ahlamalik Williams - Madonna's young lover 1

Ahlamalik Williams - Madonna's young lover 1

Dancer Ahlamalik Williams left his ex-girlfriend to love Madonna, who is 35 years older than him.

`Pop Queen` Madonna is currently avoiding the epidemic in Portugal with her lover Ahlamalik and children, after her Madame X tour was postponed.

Madonna is in love with her boyfriend who is 35 years younger than her.

Ahlamalik, 26 years old, is the son of a US Navy veteran in California.

The dancer and Madonna met in 2015. The singer was impressed with Ahlamalik after his video imitating Michael Jackson’s dance on America’s Got Talent went viral on social media.

The two gradually became close after touring and dating since early 2019. Ahlamalik accompanied Madonna at music nights around the world.

The female singer often posts photos of her boyfriend on Instagram, calling him intimate words.

Ahlamalik Williams - Madonna's young lover

Madonna’s boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams dances

Ahlamalik shows off his dancing skills.

The love affair was supported by the family, despite the age gap between the two.

Madonna’s children are also very fond of their mother’s new love.

Madonna, born in 1958, is an American singer known as the `Queen of Pop`.

Ahlamalik Williams - Madonna's young lover

Madonna and six children, two biological and four adopted.

Recently, she focused on touring around the world, promoting her 14th album Madame

Ahlamalik Williams - Madonna's young lover

Madonna celebrates Easter with her children

Madonna celebrated Easter with her children in April. Video: Instagram.

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