19 May 2024
Allow employees to work remotely and take alternate days off to prevent Covid-19 7

Allow employees to work remotely and take alternate days off to prevent Covid-19 7

Faced with new developments, many Hanoi businesses let their employees work remotely and even take turns taking time off to both fight the epidemic and ensure work.

At 8:00 a.m. on March 10, instead of going to the office, Ms. Ngoc – an employee of an electronic payment company was able to work from home.

This decision was made by the company’s leadership after Hanoi recorded its first case of nCoV last weekend, and the situation is becoming more complicated as many other cases are recorded in many provinces and cities.

Working remotely, Ngoc still has to ensure the progress of the project work being carried out with other departments.

Kyber Network – a decentralized cryptocurrency trading network also informed all employees in Hanoi to work remotely from March 9 until further notice.

`Working at the office is easier to concentrate, but with the epidemic becoming complicated, working remotely is reasonable, ensuring health safety is paramount,` Huy said.

For employees to work at home, this business leader did not forget to advise `take good care of the health of yourself and your family and maintain work efficiency like in the office`.

Some businesses that cannot let all employees work remotely have increased epidemic prevention measures or given them days off during the week.

Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) employees measure body temperature and wash hands with antiseptic before coming to work on the morning of March 10.

Currently, employees of Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) at building 11 Cua Bac (Hanoi) Рless than one kilometer from Truc Bach area Рstill go to the office to work normally, but control and prevention measures are in place.

Body temperature measuring machine is installed in the main lobby.

EVN also requires employees at the building to limit eating, drinking, and traveling around Truc Bach and Chau Long neighborhoods;

Mr. Quang – Deputy General Director of a construction company in Hanoi, said he decided to let administrative and office staff register for alternate leave until March 15.

Giving rotating breaks, according to him, will avoid employees having to travel a lot and gather in large groups of people.

The department working directly with the construction site remains unchanged.

In general, businesses are building many response scenarios according to the level of the epidemic in different situations.

Allow employees to work remotely and take alternate days off to prevent Covid-19

Employees of Power Generation Corporation 3 (Genco 3) are given masks and hand sanitizer before coming to work.

Scommerce, the parent company of GHN, AhaMove, Gido, Logistics yesterday afternoon (March 9) also said that it is mandatory for employees in localities with positive cases of nCoV or close contacts to wear masks 100% and

The company also recommends that employees minimize picking up or dropping off other people or entering airports and proactively declare the health of the entire population.

Not only Hanoi, many businesses in Ho Chi Minh City also have strict epidemic prevention policies.

Returning from a 5-day, 4-night trip to Singapore last weekend, Mr. Quoc Sang, an employee of a US-invested company headquartered in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, received an email requesting `anyone

`At that time, I was a little shocked because I thought that Singapore was not the most dangerous epidemic area. I always clean, wear a mask and am in good health. But when I understood the problem and for the safety of public health, I

Ms. Kim Thanh, a management level employee of a foreign-invested technology company in Ho Chi Minh City, said she received an urgent email from the regional level about employees at the Vietnam office being asked to stay home to work.

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