19 May 2024
The dogs 'begged' and asked me to save their lives 3

The dogs 'begged' and asked me to save their lives 3

I went looking for my stolen pet dog.

Wandering online, I suddenly came across an article by Huyen Chip about eating dog meat.

In 2000, I lost an uncle to Becgie.

After a month of searching, I also found a thief `boss` and he learned about my dog’s fate according to the time of death, the area where it was lost, and the dog’s characteristics.

Dogs are kept in horribly cramped conditions.

While looking for dogs, I went to many dog stealing factories – places where hundreds of dogs captured from many different places were kept. One thing shocked me.

The iron bars are often rusted, so once the dog’s leg falls into the iron slot, the skin on all four legs peels off, bleeds, and often rubs against the iron bar on the floor, tearing the flesh to the bone.

What’s more terrifying is that those locked dogs can recognize who is the dog lover and who is the thief.

Then dozens of other children followed, sobbing or crying silently, raising their paws to `bow` to me.

All those dogs knew I was an owner looking for his dog.

I don’t eat dog meat, nor do I condemn people who eat dog meat.

What I want to say is, every time we eat a piece of dog meat, we should not think about the dog that was killed, but think about the people – our fellow human beings – who are sad because of the lost dog.

Ask if the grief of those who lose dogs is great?

What I’m saying is that dog meat is also delicious, and you have the right to eat it if you consider the feelings of other people (old people, middle-aged people, but especially children, who really love dogs as much as they love dogs).

`We have been eating meat for the past 1.5 million years, and we will most likely continue to eat meat until the end of humanity,` Huyen Chip said.

What makes us different from animals is that somewhere in human history during the Stone Age, we discovered that an individual human being, in addition to its value as meat to eat, also has a soul.

In the 1960s, the civilized world discovered a tribe of cannibals in Papua New Guinea.

Therefore, those who do not eat dog meat have no right to condemn those who do.

But the difference is, when eating dog meat in Vietnam, you should know that there is a very high possibility that you are eating a family pet and there is a child somewhere crying because of the meat on his chopsticks.

After thinking about it, if you still find the meat delicious, it’s okay – just eat it and rest assured that no one has the right to condemn you.

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