25 May 2024
Cech - Rosicky: The Loneliness of Crystal 1

Cech - Rosicky: The Loneliness of Crystal 1

Petr Cech and Tomas Rosicky respectively said they ended their international careers, leaving a big void of idols in the hearts of fans of the Czech Republic team.

June 12, 2006, match in Group E of the 2006 World Cup between the Czech Republic and the US team.

Rosicky began to emerge from Euro 2000, and gradually became a mainstay of the CH Cech team over the past 16 years.

The image of Rosicky that day with the number 10 shirt on his back, making sudden moves, scoring goals, creating assists, hitting the bar and stirring up the entire German arena has been imprinted in the minds of Czech fans.

The way Rosicky said goodbye to Euro 2016 was also very special.

Over the past 10 years, from 2006 to 2016, on average a professional player, if playing relatively well, will play about 400 matches.

Cech - Rosicky: The Loneliness of Crystal

Injuries were a nightmare, causing Rosicky to never reach the stature he deserved throughout his career.

Arsenal will eventually have someone to replace Rosicky. The memory of football’s `Little Mozart` will be a special memory of a talented but unfinished conductor.

Petr Cech is not as sad as Rosicky, although there were times when fans thought they had lost this guy after a terrible collision that left him with a fractured skull in 2006. Cech’s stability is much higher than Rosicky’s, his bravery and

In tournament after tournament, the image of Petr Cech trying to preserve the old soul of Czech football, with swallow-like flying moves in the goal, does not make spring.

Euro 2016 ends, and that’s when we no longer see Petr Cech’s great saves, or Tomas Rosicky’s dance-like passes in major World Cup or Euro tournaments.

Cech - Rosicky: The Loneliness of Crystal

Behind Rosicky and Cech is a vast void that Czech football will probably have a long time to fill.

On the day of separation, Cech wrote: `I have made the decision to break up now and close a beautiful chapter in my life.`

Goodbye Cech, goodbye Rosicky, goodbye to the illusory `Crystal` era.

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