25 May 2024
Criticizing the referee - looking from the West to us 9

Criticizing the referee - looking from the West to us 9

In the West, people criticize wherever they are dissatisfied, thanks to which their society is civilized and orderly.

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Fans spend money to watch football, so they have the right to criticize.

Criticism is not always right, but if many people criticize the same issue, regardless of whether it is right or wrong, the subject must review themselves.

Abroad, during press conferences, the audience is very satisfied with the reporters’ difficult questions and waits to see how the players and coaches answer?

>> Blame the referee to hide V-League’s weaknesses

The subject does not need to respond to the criticisms of a few individuals, but only respond to the most general ones that are of most interest to many people.

Are collisions on the Vietnamese field due to hard play or rough play?

If the referee cannot distinguish whether collisions that can cause injury are accidental or intentional, is that considered unprofessional?

>> What is your opinion?

‘Just played half a season, can’t declare V-League champion’

‘Need punishment for Hai Phong fans’

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