25 May 2024
Hai Phong stopped receiving workers and goods from Hai Duong 3

Hai Phong stopped receiving workers and goods from Hai Duong 3

Concerned about the epidemic entering the city, Hai Phong closed a series of services and stopped receiving workers and goods from Hai Duong.

On the afternoon of February 16, at a working session with 5 districts bordering Hai Duong province, City Chairman Nguyen Van Tung requested that during Hai Duong’s social distancing period (from February 16 to March 3),

Hai Phong people do not go to Hai Duong province. In case of necessity, there must be a confirmation from the Chairman of the People’s Committee of the communes, wards and towns;

Drivers carrying goods to Hai Duong province must have confirmation from the vehicle owner or the People’s Committee of the commune, ward or town;

From February 16 to March 3, all workers and goods from Hai Duong to Hai Phong must turn around.

The city decided to stop vehicles transporting people from Hai Phong to Hai Duong province;

The Hai Phong Department of Transport is assigned to direct vehicle owners to arrange centralized accommodation for drivers and notify transport routes.

The Covid-19 epidemic control team of villages and communes in the district bordering Hai Duong, Thuy Nguyen, An Duong, Tien Lang, An Lao, and Vinh Bao, continues to operate from February 16 (with funding support)

Chairman Nguyen Van Tung assigned the Chairman of the People’s Committees of 5 districts bordering Hai Duong to increase human resources and arrange sub-control teams at all adjacent trails and openings that the city’s control posts cannot reach.

Business owners are required to commit not to use Hai Duong workers until the epidemic is controlled;

8 checkpoints at gateways into and out of the city are directed to strengthen control of citizens from Hai Duong province to Hai Phong and vice versa, especially people on trucks, container trucks and ambulances (each vehicle is only

Passenger vehicles are only allowed to transport no more than 50% of the seats.

Shopping centers and supermarkets are only allowed to sell essential goods and not provide food, coffee, refreshment and entertainment services.

Located between the two epidemic areas of Hai Duong and Quang Ninh, Hai Phong has so far recorded one case of Covid-19.

The city used to control all people entering and leaving the city, but later abolished it.

Giang Chinh

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