19 May 2024
Crowdfunding - a potential form of book publishing 2

Crowdfunding - a potential form of book publishing 2

Crowdfunding is opening up an effective publishing avenue while giving readers the opportunity to access the works they love.

Crowdfunding to publish books or publications has been a popular trend in the past few years.

According to the traditional method, a work is only sold to readers after being published.

The success of raising funds for `Dragon Than Tuong` has opened a new book publishing trend in Vietnam.

This form became widely known in Vietnam in 2014 when the Phong Duong Comics group called on the community to contribute capital to publish the historical comic series Long Than Tuong.

After the success of Long Than Tuong volume one, the community fundraising model opened a new trend in the book industry.

From 2014 until now, through two fundraising sites, betado and comicola, nine books have been successfully published.

Many books have been published through fundraising such as: Humans of Hanoi – Entering each other’s world (picture book), Cat’s Sweet Honey (comic book), Art Book (picture book by Ultimate Creatures)

Crowdfunding - a potential form of book publishing

Some works have been raising funds for publication.

The person behind the success of the two fundraising systems betado and comicola talked about the advantages of this form: `Authors are often only good at their profession, sometimes they compose without knowing how to bring their children to life.`

Recently, a book publishing project in the form of community fundraising called Crobo (crowdfunding for books) was implemented.

Explaining the choice of fundraising method for publishing, Mr. Nguyen Canh Binh – the person in charge of the Crobo project – said: `I have been working in the book publishing field for the past 15 years and have found that there are many good books on the market.

As useful as that is, not all fundraising projects go smoothly.

On the fundraising page for Long Than Tuong, a reader once sent feedback because he suspected this was a form of fraud: `Why is your book good, but you don’t print the book yourself and sell it for money, so you have to ask everyone

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Duong commented: `This is the best form for independent writers, so it will attract good authors. As for the community, we do not lack readers, but readers are always interested.

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