25 May 2024
India sent fighters and helicopters near the Chinese border 2

India sent fighters and helicopters near the Chinese border 2

India deployed Apache helicopters and many fighter units to forward bases in Ladakh, near where the brawl with China occurred.

`China crossed the red line when it brutally murdered 20 Indian soldiers in a pre-planned attack in the Galwan valley, eastern Ladakh, on June 15. We are ready to deal with the move.

The Indian army is deploying a series of modern weapons to forward bases in Ladakh, including AH-64 Apache armed helicopters carrying Hellfire guided missiles, Chinook heavy transport helicopters capable of delivering artillery and

India sent helicopters and fighters near the Chinese border

Indian fighters and helicopters operated in Leh, capital of the Ladakh region, on June 19.

Su-30MKI multi-role fighters, MiG-29 light fighters and Jaguar attack aircraft were also dispatched near the border.

The Indian Ministry of Defense has activated all air bases on its northern and northeastern borders with China.

The Chinese military also increased its forces along the 3,488 km Line of Actual Control (LAC), which is considered the border between the two countries.

The Chinese Air Force can deploy about 20 fighter regiments from eight bases near the border with India.

`The altitude of China’s air bases in Tibet and Xinjiang, along with the difficult terrain and weather in the area, means that their fighters can only carry about half the weapons and fuel compared to their counterparts.

India sent fighters and helicopters near the Chinese border

Location of Indian and Chinese soldiers’ deadly brawl on the evening of June 15.

Indian and Chinese soldiers clashed on the evening of June 15 in the Galwan valley.

Indian media reported that more than 40 Chinese soldiers were killed and injured in the scuffle.

This is considered the worst clash between the two sides in four decades, raising concerns about the risk of a large-scale military conflict between the two Asian nuclear powers.

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