25 May 2024
Mystery in the cookie box 4

Mystery in the cookie box 4

China The murderer in the death of Manh's widow will always remain unknown until the investigation team looks into the box of cookies the victim kept in her house.

On the morning of March 21, 2017, the police of Liaohe district, Siping city, Jilin province received a phone call from a male student surnamed Liang, saying he had not been able to contact his mother for 10 days.

At 9:40 the same day, the police arrived.

The house and room doors are not locked.

Some initial signs suggest this may be murder.

Unusual blood stains in the house.

On the victim’s head and face there were a number of bruises caused by sharp objects (non-sharp objects).

Most importantly, the victim was only wearing a shirt.

However, this is all just speculation, the real cause of the victim’s death still has to wait for the results of the forensic examination.

The victim, surnamed Manh, 44 years old, has been divorced for many years.

Continuing to examine the scene, the police made new discoveries.

The victim’s son said his mother had a savings book of several hundred thousand yuan, a bank card, and often kept it in her bag.

Along with examining the scene, the police also asked neighbors.

According to neighbors, when the victim’s son was a boarding school student in the city, the victim lived alone at home.

Many people believe that the victim had a complicated relationship, and the perpetrator was most likely one of the people in a relationship with the victim.

Up to this point, the police still cannot know the exact time the victim was murdered, nor can they localize the suspect.

However, the results in this direction are very disappointing.

Reviewing all the details of the case, the task force decided to return to examine the scene a second time.

In the iron box that used to hold biscuits on the kitchen counter were all the missing things, including bank cards, savings books, real estate documents, the victim’s identification documents and some loan papers.

Among the borrowers, the police noticed a person named Truong who owed the victim 50,000 yuan. The payment deadline on the note was May 1, 2017, which means there was just over a month left until the debt was due.

Mystery in the cookie box

The debt paper bears the name of the Truong family.

Truong is from the neighboring village, has a wife and children, and is one of the men who often visits the victim’s house.

On March 29, 2017, Truong was arrested in Hebei province.

On the night of March 12, 2017, Truong went to Mrs. Truong’s house.

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