27 May 2024
Thu Phuong will cry once to stop missing her 0

Thu Phuong will cry once to stop missing her 0

Preparing to reunite with the Hanoi audience, the voice of 'Night Dreams in the City' wants to pour out his heart after 9 years of separation.

Thu Phuong reunited with Hanoi audiences in the two nights of August 27-28 of the Music Space program with works by musicians Pham Duy, Trinh Cong Son, Phu Quang, Tran Quang Loc, Duong Thu, Pham Trong

– After 9 years since leaving Hanoi, today’s Thu Phuong is different from Thu Phuong when she was on the staff of the Youth Theater?

– Having gone through a time of clumsiness, Thu Phuong is no longer an `absent-minded river`.

– Previously, loving audiences often called her `Hanoi’s autumn girl`.

– Heavenly weather, favorable terrain, and harmonious people are the factors that create love for Thu Phuong’s appearance this time in the program Music Space.

What do you think about your companion Ha Anh Tuan?

– Ha Anh Tuan and I have had many successful joint tours in the US, so we have a good impression of each other.

Thu Phuong will cry once to stop missing her

The Music Space program in August is called `Are the Leaves Golden yet?`, with the participation of Thu Phuong and Ha Anh Tuan.

– Frequently flying on shows, who will take care of the children on her behalf?

– This is my official return after 9 years away from Hanoi. I devoted all my emotions to `Are the Leaves Golden yet?` so I didn’t bring my children with me.

– Children are very sensitive.

– This is a difficult matter.

– As a neighbor of your ex-husband, do you have any difficulties in your relationship with Huy MC – when people say `boys love their ex-wives, girls miss their ex-husbands`?

– This concept has never entered my mind since the end of that marriage.

– During the climax of the story about Ho Ngoc Ha’s pregnancy and childbirth in 2010, the press recalled Phuong Thanh threatening to slap Ho Ngoc Ha because this beauty had an affair with her ex-husband.

– All this happened while I was in America so I have no opinion.

Thu Phuong will cry once to stop missing her

Thu Phuong is currently satisfied with the happiness she holds.

– The name Huy MC overseas is not as successful as you.

– God doesn’t give everything to anyone and never takes everything from anyone.

– How do you feel about the similarities between you and Hong Ngoc: going through an unhappy marriage with someone in the art world, finding love with your showgirl in the US and getting married with a child?

– Hong Ngoc herself confided this to me during her sister tours in the US – especially when Hong Ngoc encountered similar difficulties to me in life.

– After going through a breakup, what have you learned to maintain happiness?

– Marriage absolutely must have trust and respect to survive.

– What do you think about your current man’s tolerance and love for you?

– Well, I just thought: ‘If a girl has merit, her husband won’t let her down’.

Made by Ngoc Tran Photo: T.P.

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