25 May 2024
Sophisticated scam trap to work part-time online to earn 4 million VND a month 13

Sophisticated scam trap to work part-time online to earn 4 million VND a month 13

Every day, several dozen people came to sign the contract, each person had to pay 195,000 VND, but they did not expect that they had just fallen into a trap...

The desire to have a part-time job online makes many people fall into the trap of making super money through the tricks of some companies.

Recently, when young people want to find more jobs online, they often see a very attractive part-time job, which is: `Recruiting collaborators for typing and data entry`.

The standards are very simple, you just need to know basic computers, be hard-working, be able to take advantage of your free time to work, suitable for students and housewives who want to earn extra income.

As a job applicant, after registering online, Ms. Ha, an office worker looking to find a part-time job, received a text message for an interview appointment.

The company employee explained: `The company will send you a software. On it, a string of about 6-8 letters and numbers will appear. You just need to type those exact characters again and press `enter` to get it.

Seeing that Ms. Ha was worried because the pay was too low, the employee continued: `Every day you can spend 3-4 hours, get paid from 80-120 thousand VND, each month the total income is from 3-4 million.

Listening to this, everything seems so simple and clear, you just need to concentrate and work hard.

This is also clearly stated in the contract: `The employee completes the support fee and maintains working software for the company at the time of signing the contract in the amount of 195,000 VND.

Some people were also a bit worried about the amount of money they had to pay, but they were told that it was to pay for the network administrator, and after two months they would be reimbursed.

After signing the contract very quickly, collaborators are given preliminary instructions on how to use the software sent to their email (but not detailed instructions on what to do).

After the software is downloaded to the computer, the next day, collaborators can start working.

When people start working, they see the horrifying complexity.

These rows of numbers are very `puzzled`, jumbled and blurry. Even if you strain your eyes, you still can’t guess what the words are.

Sophisticated scam trap to work part-time online to earn 4 million VND a month
Sophisticated scam trap to work part-time online to earn 4 million VND a month

The above characters are indeed a riddle, only saints can read them.

Moreover, there are also very difficult terms such as cases where the account will be locked.

Your account is permanently locked if you are locked for 10 minutes twice in a row.

Ms. Ha said that when she tried, within 15 seconds, she could only complete simple codes. The remaining complex and hard-to-see codes often cannot be completed, and the number of complex codes is many times greater than simple codes.

Within 5 minutes, only less than 10 codes were completed, and the remaining codes were kicked out to nearly 20 codes.

So of course your account will be locked forever.

Chi Thanh, a housewife who also just gave up, said: `Many people have accepted losing money, considering it a `stupid waste` but in reality cannot do this because the terms are very tight, and losing is

An office worker with some computer skills calculated: `Assume that if you type the codes correctly, within one hour continuously you will be able to complete 240 codes, so if you work for 4 hours you will be able to complete nearly 1000 codes, equivalent to

As for Thang, a student who is also eager to earn extra money to increase his income, he can’t help but feel disappointed: `If you don’t start doing this job, you won’t see that it’s so `oh my god`, but once you do it,

So for what purpose do these companies recruit collaborators to do these jobs?

Or is this a `video game` where the losers definitely belong to the `players`?

These companies often employ an unlimited number of people.

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