25 May 2024
The 10 most expensive stuntmen in Hollywood 2

The 10 most expensive stuntmen in Hollywood 2

While superstars like Colin Firth, Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth... are admired by fans for their action scenes, their stuntmen encounter many risks, some even die.

1. Rick English

A special feature of Kingsman: The Secret Service – which opened in theaters two weeks ago and has grossed 209 million USD worldwide – is its eye-catching action scenes.

Rick English and Colin Firth on the set of `Kingsman: The Secret Service`

In scenes where Colin Firth’s face was not required, Rich English wore costumes, wigs and thick glasses to act.

Rick English is one of the famous stuntmen in Hollywood today.

The 10 most expensive stuntmen in Hollywood

Rick English is the stunt star of `Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance`.

Rick English has participated in the movies Jack Ryan, Fast & Furious 6, World War Z, Inception, Kick-Ass, The Dark Knight, Sherlock Holmes, and Batman Begins… Rick English’s most typical scenes are driving a high-speed motorbike.

2. Reuben Langdon

The 10 most expensive stuntmen in Hollywood

Reuben Langdon doubles as Sam Worthington in `Avatar`.

The 39-year-old actor in Los Angeles is currently one of the most famous stunt artists of the 21st century, often playing roles using motion capture technology (technology often used for animal characters).

His most famous performance is as Sam Worthington’s stunt double in Avatar.

3. Richard Bradshaw

The 10 most expensive stuntmen in Hollywood

Hugh Jackman and stuntman Richard Bradshaw.

Richard Bradshaw studied acting in the 1980s. Before starting a stunt career in 1994, he worked as a diver for oil rigs in the North Sea.

In an interview, Bradshaw said: `A stand-in for a celebrity is not just about performing stunts, but you have to both describe the movements to resemble the star’s walk and make those action scenes.

4. Ingrid Kleinig

The 10 most expensive stuntmen in Hollywood

Evangeline Lilly and stuntwoman Ingrid Kleinig in the series `The Hobbit`.

Ingrid Kleinig is one of the most successful stunt actresses from Australia.

The stuntwoman shared: `The stunt profession in cinema is usually dominated by men. Only recently have there been many female stuntmen. In one movie, there are about 45 male stuntmen and only one female.

5. Helen Steinway Bailey

The 10 most expensive stuntmen in Hollywood

Helen Steinway Bailey plays a supporting role in the movie `Warrioress`.

Studied bodybuilding since the age of 13, Helen then went to Japan to study karate.

6. Bobby Holland Hanton

The 10 most expensive stuntmen in Hollywood

Chris Hemsworth and Bobby Holland Hanton on the set of the movie `Thor`.

At 31 years old, Bobby has acted as a stunt double for a series of superstars from Christian Bale in Batman: Dark Knight Rises, Daniel Craig in 007 Quantum of Solace to Chris Hemsworth in Thor.

7. Armstrong stunt family

The 10 most expensive stuntmen in Hollywood

Armstrong stunt family.

The Armstrong family is nicknamed `the British empire in Hollywood` because almost the entire family has been a stuntman for more than 30 years.

Brothers Vic Armstrong and Andy Armstrong were born in Buckinghamshire, England – where the famous Pinewood Studios film studio is located.

8. Jamie Edgell

The 10 most expensive stuntmen in Hollywood

A risky scene by Jamie Edgell.

After finishing high school, Jamie Edgell was advised to work as a hotel cashier, but he applied for a position as a stuntman because of his love of adventure.

Two stunts that impressed Jamie were the scene where he played both James Bond and Bond’s rival in the tank chase scene of GoldenEye and the scene where he ran over a waterfall and jumped into the river at a height of 20 m in the movie The Beach (2000).

9. Dar Robinson

The 10 most expensive stuntmen in Hollywood

Dar Robinson’s dangerous jumping scene at the National Tower in Canada.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Dar Robinson (born in 1947) is a stuntman who holds 21 world records, including the highest paid record – each of his stunts is paid an average of 100,000 VND.

10. Michelle Yeoh

The 10 most expensive stuntmen in Hollywood

Michelle Yeoh in the movie `Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon`.

Michelle Yeoh is a special stunt star because she became a superstar after her own stunts.

Michelle Yeoh is one of the stars who plays lucky stunts.

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