19 May 2024
Western European youth still party during the pandemic 3

Western European youth still party during the pandemic 3

German youth held `corona` parties and coughed on the elderly. Some French, American and Australian students still flocked to the beach, despite Covid-19.

`Some people consider themselves heroes for breaking the rules. No, you are very stupid and a threat to yourself,` said French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner.

Spanish police posted a photo of a resident in Catalonia taking a goat outside to circumvent the blockade, while police enforcing quarantine rules in the city of Lyon, France, were threatened by the crowd, according to a spokesman.

The governor of Bavaria, southern Germany, said the state’s youth still organize `corona` parties, coughing on the elderly and shouting `corona` as a joke.

Cece Guida (black hat), 19 years old, from New York is pushing Sam Reddick, 20 years old, from Evansville, Indiana, and many young people to play `cockfighting` at Pompano Beach in Florida, USA on March 17.

On March 20, France sent police to docks, preventing people from moving to resorts in rural areas and coastal areas, where the health system is underdeveloped.

Officials in the state of Florida, USA, closed some of the state’s famous beaches after TV showed images of crowds of spring break students arriving at the beach area, as the global Covid-19 death toll surpassed

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warned on March 21 that people aged 18-49 account for more than half of the state’s nCoV infections.

Many New Yorkers do not comply with `social distancing` recommendations, gathering in large parks in the city.

French Dr. Philippe Klein, director of an international clinic in Wuhan,  where Covid-19 originated, said that the French should learn the self-isolation of tens of millions of Chinese, to test their patience,

`I advise you, the French, to apply such rules,` Mr. Klein said.

The number of domestic nCoV infections in China has continuously decreased in recent days, with no new cases recorded for many days.

In Italy, the world’s second largest epidemic area, the death toll has skyrocketed, surpassing China’s last week, with officials having to restrain people from going out or visiting friends.

Worldwide, more than 330,000 people have been infected with Covid-19, most with only mild to moderate symptoms.

Mai Lam (According to AP)

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