19 May 2024
What medicine to prepare when you are F0 or F1 quarantined at home? 11

What medicine to prepare when you are F0 or F1 quarantined at home? 11

You should reserve some medications such as fever reducers, vitamin C, drink lots of water or supplement Oresol solution to avoid dehydration, do not arbitrarily take antibiotics...

Instructions from Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Viet Nhung, Director of the Central Lung Hospital, help F0 and F1 students be well equipped with the knowledge to self-monitor their health at home, when to call a doctor, and when to

First, at home you should prepare common medicines such as fever-reducing, digestive, stomach medicine, rubbing oils, vitamins, especially vitamin C to strengthen the body’s resistance.

`If F0 has to use medicine or oxygen, it means he has to go to the hospital,` the associate professor emphasized.

In case of F0 mild fever, you can take fever-reducing medicine, drink plenty of water or supplement Oresol solution to avoid dehydration… Absolutely do not arbitrarily use antibiotics or other medications at home.

Add garlic, lemongrass… to your daily menu.

At home, you can equip some common tools to monitor your health such as an oxygen saturation measuring device worn on your finger (the price of this type is about 200,000 to 500,000 VND), a home blood pressure monitor, and thermometer.

F0 and F1 quarantined at home must measure their body temperature, monitor their health and update daily via software or notify medical staff.

Patients with signs of increased fever, dry cough, chest tightness, respiratory symptoms, counting rapid breathing over 20 times/minute (compared to the normal level of 16-18 times/minute), should immediately contact health care providers.

The patient suddenly gets worse, has difficulty breathing, turns into pneumonia… calls an ambulance and takes him to a medical facility, but must ensure the conditions for taking him to the emergency room;

On July 13, the Ministry of Health updated the treatment regimen, shortening the treatment time for asymptomatic Covid-19 (F0) patients, allowing isolation and treatment at home provided the RT test results are available.

Previously, the Ministry of Health also allowed F1 to be quarantined at home, with the condition of complying with epidemic prevention requirements under local supervision.

Instructions for safe home quarantine

Instructions for medical quarantine at home.

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