27 May 2024
Binh Thuan quarantines neighborhoods with Covid-19 1

Binh Thuan quarantines neighborhoods with Covid-19 1

Two routes in Phan Thiet city with many people infected with nCoV were quarantined for 22 days, from 0:00 on March 13 to 0:00 on April 3 to prevent the epidemic from spreading.

Two intersecting quarantined routes include: Hoang Van Thu and Ngo Si Lien, Quarter 2, Duc Thang Ward, Phan Thiet City.

Binh Thuan blocked two routes Ngo Si Lien and Hoang Van Thu (Duc Thang ward, Phan Thiet city) to isolate the Covid-19 outbreak.

The quarantined Hoang Van Thu route extends from house number 38 to house number 48 (Hoang Van Thu – Ngo Si Lien intersection to Hoang Van Thu – Chu Van An intersection).

Among them, `patient 40` is the daughter of the other two people.

Ngo Si Lien route is isolated from Hoang Van Thu intersection to Ngo Si Lien – Ngu Ong intersection.

Phan Thiet City People’s Committee assigns agencies and units to monitor and prevent epidemics in accordance with the Law on Infectious Disease Prevention and Control.

Binh Thuan quarantines neighborhoods with Covid-19

Diagram of the area where two roads are isolated.

Mr. Nguyen Van Luan, Chairman of Phan Thiet City People’s Committee, said that this area should be quarantined first because this is where there are up to 4 infected people in two houses close together, with a high risk of spread.

According to regulations of the Ministry of Health, places with a large number of patients and many houses with positive people are prioritized for quarantine first.

The outbreak in Phan Thiet comes from `patient 34`, a 51-year-old businesswoman, owner of a construction materials business on Tuyen Quang street.

This woman went to the US with 18 people in a group of Vietnamese businesswomen, departing from Tan San Nhat airport on February 22.

On February 29, she left Washington D.C to return to Vietnam, on the journey with a transit at Doha – Qatar airport on the afternoon of March 1.

On March 5, the businesswoman had symptoms of cough and phlegm, and a few days later she had cough and fever again.

Binh Thuan quarantines neighborhoods with Covid-19

Cases of infection from `patient 34` in Binh Thuan.


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