27 May 2024
Chi Trung: 'After my laughter, there are tears' 5

Chi Trung: 'After my laughter, there are tears' 5

Famous comedians in the North admitted that performing comedy is not as easy as many people think.

– Recently, audiences have seen him play more of a calling and cheering role in volunteer activities and cultural sports than in comedy.

– I still participate in creating plays at the Youth Theater and many other small programs.

What fate brought you to comedic roles?

People think I have a natural talent for comedy.

I don’t like the term `comedian`, let’s simply call it an artist.

`I am a trendy person. Whatever the audience needs, I provide it.`

– Comparing comedy with other genres, how do you feel?

– Acting comedy is more difficult than acting tragic.

For me personally, playing tragedy is easier than comedy.

– What is your sense of humor?

– My humor always has hidden meanings in the sentences.

Currently, this genre of comedy with tears is quite picky about the audience.

– As a writer and manager, how do you create comedies that can be `sold`?

– In fact, whatever the audience needs, the artist should meet it.

The profound and poignant comedy genre is gradually being replaced by comedies that are humanistic, have human fate and are reflective.

Upcoming, on September 2, the Theater will produce a series of comedies with the theme of Village Pond, talking about escape from the countryside.

Chi Trung: 'After my laughter, there are tears'

The image of Meritorious Artist Chi Trung in a comedy role.

– What do you think about `Kep Tu Ben’s fate`, when compared to the comedian’s current life situation?

– That is a special story and it only happens in special circumstances.

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