27 May 2024
Luis Suarez and Wenger's 'what if' 3

Luis Suarez and Wenger's 'what if' 3

Coach Arsene Wenger repeatedly wondered, `What would have happened if Luis Suarez had come to Arsenal back then?`

* The Arsenal – Barca match takes place at 2:45 am, Hanoi time, Wednesday February 24.

When facing Arsenal in the Champions League today, Suarez also faced the team he almost joined in the summer of 2013. That day, Liverpool admitted that Suarez’s contract had a clause allowing him to leave for more than £40 million.

What does that suggestion show?

Wenger once had the opportunity to recruit Suarez, but passed it up because of his frugal spending habits on the transfer floor.

Faced with their opponent’s `rude proposal`, Liverpool’s owners tried to convince Suarez to stay.

And Suarez was

Liverpool, Barca and Suarez, everyone is satisfied.

Luis Suarez and Wenger's 'what if'

Coming to Barca, Suarez owns the biggest titles that a player’s life desires.

Worries about Suarez’s complex personality, his explosive temper like the time he grabbed Branislav Ivanovic’s arm and the suspicion of racism towards Patrice Evra completely disappeared.

It’s not easy to find friendship in the football world that is increasingly being invaded by money.

Barca has not known what defeat is in the last 31 matches.

Luis Suarez and Wenger's 'what if'

Suarez (middle) scored after Messi conceded a penalty.

One for everyone, everyone for one.

Suarez scores a lot, assists a lot and is especially… obedient.

During this epic battle, how many times did Wenger have to mutter to himself: `If only that day…`.

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