25 May 2024
Sell Da Lat vegetables online 4

Sell Da Lat vegetables online 4

Mr. Nguyen Tran Huy Phong supplies cabbage, carrots, potatoes... grown by Da Lat gardeners himself through online channels, the selling price is tens of thousands of dong higher than the market.

Many vegetables sold at markets originate from China, but it is difficult for consumers to know how to differentiate and it is not easy to find genuine Da Lat products.

In 2009, he created a website specializing in providing information related to agriculture so that many people can update the situation of vegetables and fruits in Da Lat as well as other provinces.

`Everyone needs fresh vegetables, so setting up a website to buy and sell like this is not a risky gamble, but a trend that everyone can see,` Mr. Phong said.

Last July, the online fruit and vegetable ordering service officially launched.

Vegetables and fruits will be packed and sent to customers.

Thanks to the application of technology, farmers’ task is now to focus on growing crops, not worrying about where to consume or deliver goods.

His business criteria are that vegetables and tubers must be fresh, without using preservatives and bringing newly harvested products to consumers in the shortest time.

For each delivery, the Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi areas must have a minimum of 50 orders, each order worth about 150,000 VND.

Sell Da Lat vegetables online

After collecting orders in sufficient quantity, he transported vegetables and fruits by car or plane to temporary warehouses in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi for packing.

The online fruit and vegetable ordering service has more than 30 categories and currently has over 300 customers.

The biggest obstacle with these products is the price.

`Original Da Lat products, always fresh, grown according to clean processes, and good service are the keys to helping me have loyal customers, even if the selling price is more expensive than the market,` he shared the secret to attracting a customer.

However, with high prices, buyers are mainly people with good income and value product quality.

Up to this point, investment capital in raw material areas is the most expensive, up to several billion VND.

While developing a website to sell vegetables online, Mr. Phong’s biggest concern was that raw material areas were scattered, increasing input costs.

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