25 May 2024
Heart attack 'evaporated' 14 billion USD 1

Heart attack 'evaporated' 14 billion USD 1

USA One cool Saturday afternoon in September 1955, President Dwight D. Eisenhower complained of indigestion while playing golf.

The US economy at that time was booming, there was no major crisis in the world and Eisenhower, America’s 34th president (in power from 1953 – 1961) had a 79% approval rating.

Dwight D. Eisenhower in California in January 1956.

24 hours later, the American people were informed that the President was in an oxygen tent (a curtain placed over the head and shoulders, or over the patient’s entire body to provide oxygen at a higher than normal level) at the hospital.

Eisenhower started smoking when he was a cadet at the US Army Academy (West Point).

On September 24, 1955, Eisenhower spent more than five weeks in Denver, fishing in the Rocky Mountains and playing golf.

That evening, after suffering from indigestion, Eisenhower woke up with chest pain around two in the morning.

But when Eisenhower’s chest pain persisted into the afternoon, he was examined with an electrocardiogram and discovered to have an acute myocardial infarction.

Eisenhower’s health condition was stable after being allowed to use an oxygen tent. He and his advisers decided to avoid causing panic by announcing his condition as frankly as possible.

Over the next few months, both the market and Eisenhower recovered.

During his second term, Eisenhower paid more attention to his health and exercised, but continued to smoke and did not follow a diet designed to avoid heart and digestive problems.

William Sterrett, the doctor who cared for Eisenhower after he left office, said that Eisenhower once had severe stomach pain.

`Why do you eat those foods?`, the doctor asked.

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