25 May 2024
Hollywood debated after Will Smith's slap 1

Hollywood debated after Will Smith's slap 1

Many people agreed, but some criticized Will Smith for being rude when he hit Chris Rock on the Oscar stage for making fun of his wife.

The scandal between Will Smith – the actor who received the Best Actor award – and comedian Chris Rock became the most popular topic at the 2022 Oscars. After the event, phrases related to the incident became trending on social networks.

Actor Will Smith beat Chris Rock

Will Smith beats Chris Rock on the 2022 Oscar stage. Video: ABC

According to Jacob Oracle – a statistical and measurement unit in the entertainment industry – views of the awards ceremony nearly doubled, from 9.6 million to 17.4 million after the incident.

Many artists, especially in the comedy field, criticized Will Smith’s actions.

Janai Nelson, a human rights activist for people of color, said Oscar condoned the normalization of violence on television.

Hollywood debated after Will Smith's slap

Chart of fluctuations in Oscar 2022 views from a statistical organization in the American entertainment industry.

The American comedy community believes that Smith’s actions will promote the movement to attack artists on stage.

Many opinions criticized Smith for affecting Oscar’s professional content, making his colleagues’ wins less meaningful.

According to NY Post, an internal source said Will Smith may have to return the statue because he violated the Academy’s regulations.

Hollywood debated after Will Smith's slap

Will Smith won the male lead award

Will Smith cried when receiving the male lead award for the movie `King Richard`.

On the contrary, some people defended Will Smith and his wife and said that Chris Rock had crossed the line.

Most opinions believe that Jada Pinkett is the only victim of the incident.

The awards ceremony continued as usual but was followed by Will Smith’s victory in the male lead category.

Some people suspect that the incident is a trick by the organizers to attract views.

Oscar 2022 program producer – Will Packer – wrote on his personal page: `I said this year’s ceremony won’t be boring, right?`.

A Twitter account commented: `You did well but it’s a pity. This year’s event only remains in the audience’s memories of a violent act between two people of color.`

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